Reflections and gratitude for 2018 ~ Plus eager to see what 2019 has in store for me….

It’s been a good year for me overall personally, even better for my business! I’m grateful to have met or re-connected with each and every one of you in 2018. I am however most grateful to those who support me by visiting me on a regular or semi-regular basis and use my paid phone services! I find developing erotic friendships where our sexual freedom sensually engages us the most meaningful and am always yearning for that kind of passion in my life! I’m eagerly embracing all that 2019 will bring me with open arms and a very open mind. Won’t you join me on my fantastic journey??

In closing, I want to thank all the new provider friends that I’ve met this year! This includes ones I network with online, dine and chill with as friends plus travel with and do duo/trio sessions with! I cherish ALL of your friendships more than you know! I can’t wait to get together with you all again soon. Let’s set a date to re-connect and celebrate soon….

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